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What is Uv Printing

Ultraviolet printing technique is a technique that reduces the drying time of the paints with high print quality and high resistance to sunlight to less than 1 second and this process is done with dryers with special carriers. Due to their properties, UV paints can not fade from the sun, etc. It provides the elimination of such factors ..

Can UV Printing be applied to all kinds of materials?

UV Printing can be done on all kinds of flat materials that can hold the surface. Besides, we can print from roll to roll.

Is it possible to print on 3D materials?

Due to the printing systems, UV Printing cannot be performed on objects that are uneven and have uneven and curved surface.

Does the material thickness have to be equal at every point?

If you want to get high quality prints, we recommend you to be sensitive about this issue. However, a few mm differences can be ignored.

Is a vacuum system mandatory in the printing process?

Our UV printing machine has the feature of vacuum, in order to get precise prints with this feature, the material must sit on the surface of the machine. Therefore, vacuum is applied to every material and printing is carried out in that way.

Do you make white uv printing?

We can work with white ink and give relief according to the material.

Is Uv Printing On Transparent Material Possible?

Thanks to the white ink in UV printing, after printing, the material is covered with white ink so you can get real colors.

I want to print a sample uv, is it paid?

As you can appreciate, our biggest cost item in our industry is paint and time.Therefore, each sample request is printed meticulously according to your request for a fee to be determined according to the nature of the job.

1-Contact us by mail or phone (+90 212 565 13 01) to provide information about sample material and sample fee.

2-It pays the determined sample fee to our bank account and packs the sample in a way that it will not be damaged in cargo and send it to our address by cargo.

3- After printing, the sample is sent to you by cargo again.

4-If you place an order about work, the sample fee is deducted from the total amount.

Are inks harmful to Human Health?

Inks dried with UV rays after printing do not cause any harm to human health. Products produced with inks that do not release gas can be used even indoors..


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