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UvMedya It was established with a joint subsidiary of Black Sea Printing and Nizgnar Media Internet Services with more than 20 years of offset printing experience. Uvmedya continues uv digital printing activities specific to the needs of its customers with its own machine track. Uv Media is an organization that adheres to its principles in the sector and sees its customer as eternal commercial friends. At the beginning of these principles, our pressures include NET, such as NET. Uvmedya guarantees transparency, clarity in every business, as understood and on time.

We evaluate your requests in accordance with your needs and make suggestions in the framework of low cost without sacrificing quality and producing solutions. We would be happy to be on the road with UVMEDYA if you want to go down a road with quality in the priority of the job, which you can predict how and when the work will eventually happen without encountering surprises..


  • Reliable to your word,
  • Organized Strong references, partnerships.
  • Perfect service understanding and continuity before and after work

What We Do

All kinds of wood materials up to 100 mm high are applied to direct uv printing. The paints and products we use are the highest quality of the first class and special paints produced according to the nature of the work that does not harm human health.

UV printing during the ultraviolet light allows the paint to dry instantly. There is no waiting time. Therefore, the production process is realized as quickly as possible.

print on glass is used in different ways. In general, the silkscreen method is used and, as you know, the paints (thermoplastic dyes) contain heavy metals. In addition, due to the properties of the paints and glass used, the oven process is required at high temperatures after printing.

Cam HAS a wide range of UV printing decoration sense. Without any glue on the glass, a partial or all of your glass can be printed in UV.

We can print color or white skin or on the skin directly uv. Although the printing technique varies, we are able to provide the same durability and image quality in all skin types. thanks to uv printing UV, color leather, such as black leather, red leather can be printed easily by printing in white before hand.

UV Leather printing is more practical in terms of preparation than offset and silkscreen techniques. Therefore, it can print with lower pieces and different visuals; you can manufacture niche by keeping print costs to a minimum. Once you have determined your products, you can get a much more affordable price by ordering them regularly in higher customs.


UV canvas printing is the process of printing quality on canvas, all paintings or pictures that can offer visual pleasure in your homes, businesses, places of your own.

However, this quality kanvas print will make your own space more vivid in terms of color. In this way you will attract more attention and feel more peaceful from your point of view.

With uv canvas printing which guarantees better quality image quality and long-lasting use compared to standard printing we offer you better quality pictures. In a standard print, the image quality is lower and the colors are more lifeless. Thanks to our superior printing technology and master staff, you will be aware of more vibrant and high quality canvas prints.

If you want to completely change the image of your home, workplace and all other areas, you should choose to use ceramic UV printingUv printing brings the latest technology printing services to your feet. We are able to print UV on ceramics, stone, tiles and all other flat surfaces. You can also print any image of you in the photo quality, as well as any flat surface. You can also give your loved ones the desired image and printed version on ceramics

Foreks, as you know, is one of the most used advertising materials in the advertising industry. UV machines were squeezed by printing foil through outdoor or indoor digital printing machines before it became widespread. As a result, the quality of printing was inadequate, but if the people who did the plastering were novices, there was also a result that was expected to remain in the foil with fractures and bubbles.

In addition, solar sensitivity in outdoor digital printing is much greater than UV Printing, and we know how harmful solvent-based machines are for human health. Indoors in Europe, solvent-based digital printing is not allowed. Instead, UV Printings are used. In Turkey, this system is slowly starting to sit. Solvent-based digital printing products are not allowed in any shopping mall at this time.